The police arrested environmental activist Bob Brown at the Lapoinya logging site in Northwest Tasmania.

Following two days of protests at Lapoinya, Brown and some members of Friends of Lapoinya Action Group (FLAG) were arrested and fined. Though, they were later released.  According to ABC News, Brown said he was walking towards a bulldozer. The police arrived and directed them to leave but Brown and Roger Bradley stayed.

“They gave us the choice of deciding whether we obey a direction to leave a so-called business access area, to me it’s leaving an area of totally unnecessary forest destruction to feed an over-wealthy Malaysian forestry corporation,” Brown said.

FLAG advocates that the Lapoinya logging site is an area of high conservation value.  Jessica Hoyt, another protester, was earlier arrested by the police due to the state government’s new anti-protest laws.

Hoyt was dismayed when charges are filed against her just because she fought the logging operations in the forest.

“I bawled my eyes out, I grew up in Lapoinya… That forest has been a part of my life for life for 33 years… It’s wrong, it’s wrong, everything that’s happening in that forest is wrong,” Hoyt said.

In a separate article of ABC News, Forest Tasmania claims that the forest had been logged before.

Forest Tasmania points out that the logging protest roots from the departure of four out of six Forestry Tasmania board members, including Chairman Bob Annells.

“The amount of forest area available to Forestry Tasmania has been decimated to the point where it’s only 50 percent of what it once was and I think he’s [Annells] done a very, very good job and I think it’s unfortunate that he’s chosen not to continue,” Terry Edwards from the Forest Industries Association said.

However, Oppositional Leader Bryan Green said, “”Of course a person who wants to maintain his credibility like Bob Annells would choose to leave.”