Empire Season 3 spoilers reveal that the critically acclaimed series will not deviate from its theme of power and fame as Lucious’ half-brother comes in.

Showrunner Ilene Chaiken told TVLine that Tariq is out to get Lucious in Empire Season 3 just because he thinks that he’s the good guy in all this mess.

Of course, Lucious has a different perspective on the whole matter.

“Tariq is very motivated, and he has a very personal grievance against Lucious,” she said. “He’s not just a fed who wants to make his bones taking down Lucious Lyon — he’s Lucious’ half-brother.”

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Fans probably already had a good idea of how Tariq just feels about Lucious during the finale of last season.

When Lucious and Anika exchanged vows (a shrewd move by the music mogul so she wouldn’t rat him out to the feds), Tariq showed up and confronted Terrence Howard’s character. Then Leah made the big reveal when she asked, “Dwight, what’s your half-brother doing here?”

Chaiken said in one of the Empire Season 3 spoilers from TVLine that Tariq is going to be a major character, and Lucious’ arch nemesis, in the junior season of the series.

At the season 2 finale, when Cookie stormed out of the wedding after seeing her former husband marry their son’s baby mama, it seemed that she’s really over Lucious. It must be remembered that Lucious and Cookie have expressed their respective feelings for each other and how they wanted to be with each other, before the bombshell of a wedding happened.

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But the showrunner dismissed that notion as she said in another TVLine article that Cookie and Lucious are still part of the company and so they “will be in one another’s faces and lives.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Wagmeister of Variety claimed that somebody will indeed die from the fight between Rhonda and Anika in the rooftop. However, the reporter claimed that the showrunner has not spilled the identity of the casualty. Nevertheless, that mystery will immediately be answered in the premiere episode, according to the Empire Season 3 spoilers from Fox LA.