Empire Season 3 premieres September 21, and it promises to bring more intrigue and surprises from Lucious Lyon and his tribe. Yet will it tie up the loose ends left behind by the last season?

It remains a mystery how the upcoming Empire Season 3 will work out the major cliffhanger. Nevertheless, fans can be certain power and fame remain as the dominant theme of the series. However, big changes are coming.

Getting ready for Empire Season 3

1. Tariq out to get Lucious

Tariq might be a Fed but he is also Lucious’ half-brother. Hence, his motivation is a mix of personal and professional grievances against him. Thus, fans can expect Tariq to be a major character in the upcoming season.

2. Major character’s death

Clues seem to point to Rhonda as the one who died in the season 2 wrapper. Fans might recall EP Ilene Chaiken hinted the person’s death would affect how Andre carries on with his life. Hence, Rhonda’s death could bring about a major change in him.

3. Battle between dark and light

As expected, Lucious and Jamal will continue to clash this season due to their opposing beliefs. However, this time around could see Jamal’s rise as a prominent force in the family and company.

4. Greater tension between Cookie and Luscious

Luscious’ marriage to Anika could possibly put off any chances between him and Cookie rekindling their romance. Thus, Season 3 could bring about her possible revenge. EP Sanaa Hamri hinted it would be fun to watch how Cookie goes about it.

5. Episode 1 Synopsis

“Season 3 picks up with Hakeem left at the altar, Lucious and Anika newly married, and someone falling off a roof during a fight. In other storylines, Lucious wants to make his streaming service a huge success, but his half-brother Tariq becomes a distraction as he leads a federal task force investigating him,” TV Guide shared the synopsis for episode 1 titled Light in Darkness.