Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollet) has been saved. He has vowed to not return to making music until his family sorts out their issues and end the seemingly eternal violent strife that is threatening everyone’s lives. Things are looking a bit less cloudy in the world of “Empire” now. A reconciliation and romance between Jamal and Derek/D-Major (Tobias Truvillion) might be in the cards as he begins to heal.

Showrunner Ilene Chaiken told TV Line that “Empire” season 3 will focus on Jamal’s road to recovery, both physical and psychological. With regards to Jamal and D-Major, we were already given a hint of a budding relationship between the two when Lucious (Terrence Howard) walked in on them and wished his son died from AIDS.

“We think their story is really worth telling,” Chaiken told TV Line. “[The angry outburst] that happened between D-Major and Jamal in the penultimate episode will be pretty hard to come back from. But it’s also very real. A lot of gay people know what that moment is about — as do a lot of people who aren’t gay. Some of the stories we tell are pretty melodramatic. I believe in all of them, but Jamal and D-Major’s is grounded in reality.”

However, for their relationship to blossom, Jamal has to first forgive D-Major and the latter has to change his ways, Chaiken said, adding “They’re really interesting together and they have great chemistry. We plan to see more of them and explore the dynamic. We want to pay attention to the true details of what these moments mean.”

Another interesting issue the producers will explore in season 3 is Jamal’s equation with Freda Gatz (Bre-Z), his duet partner, who shot him accidentally while intending to kill Lucious. Chaiken told TV Line that Jamal will have to be able to fully forgive her for her actions, though he knows she’s more of a victim of violence than a perpetrator.

Lucious, on the other hand, visited Freda who is now behind bars. As Entertainment Weekly (EW) noted, the cunning and manipulative Lucious lies to Fred that he had no hand in her father Frank Gathers’ (Chris Rock) murder. He also misuses her guilt at shooting Jamal and convinces her to record a song to make Jamal happy and it does make him happy and he returns to the world of music. But things are never as simple as they seem in “Empire.”

Though a release date for season 3 hasn’t been announced yet, Movie News Guide (MNG) claims that it will air sometime in Spring 2017.