More deaths are coming in “Empire” season 3 and there will be a battle between “dark and light” as well.

Executive producer Ilene Chaken revealed to Entertainment Weekly what fans could expect in the third season of “Empire.” Thematically, season 3 is all about the battle for dark versus light, the battle for the soul of Empire, in which Lucious is trying to claim everyone’s soul and the forces of good largely represented by Jamal slouching towards the light with his conviction to end the cycle are opposing luscious.”

Chaken also teased that the character who fell over the balcony in season 2 finale might not survive. “I’ll say this: Based on the scream that you hear and the look on Andre’s face, I’d say someone went over … If someone went over that balcony, I don’t think there was any chance of survival. You saw how high up we were,” she told Entertainment Weekly. Chaken, however, refused to reveal who that character is.

In the Season 2 finale, Rhonda (Katlin Doubleday) and Anika (Grace Gealey) had a catfight. Rhonda punched Anika and then someone fell over the balcony. However, the show left a major cliffhanger when it did not show who was thrown over the balcony railing.

Meanwhile, two characters have been introduced in the season 2 finale – Tariq and Shyne. Both have links with Lucious (Terrence Howard).

Chaken confirmed that Tariq (Morocco Omari) will play a major part in season 3. The character was first introduced as an FBI agent who is after Lucious. It was later revealed that they were half-brothers, Ecumenical News noted.

The third season of Empire is a Godfather-styled opus of crime and hip-hop. That’s really what we’re doing, and the fact that Tariq is Lucious’ half-brother makes it that much more dark and twisted and personal,” the showrunner said.

American rap sensation Xzibit also joined the cast of “Empire” as Shyne Johnson.

Chaken teased Shyne is not necessary a villain but he could be an adversary throughout this season. “Lucious has a long history with him [Shyne] — history that’s going to come back and bite Lucious for a lot of earlier slights. If you have a guy who’s not afraid to die, not afraid to go to prison, that’s a very dangerous adversary.”

In another interview with TVLine, Chaiken talked about Cookie (Taraji P. Henson). The EP said Cookie’s action to turn her back on Lucious in the finale of season 2 will bring tension in the Lyon family in the upcoming season.

“Empire” season 3 is expected to premiere in fall on FOX.