“Empire” is returning from its mid-season break this week. What does the rest of this season have in store for avid fans? Where can you watch the next episode of season 2?

FOX’s hit show is set to return on March 30, 9pm ET (March 31, 12pm ACT). You can watch the complete season 2 episodes live stream here.  But, if you’re just itching to find out what happens next at Empire Entertainment, fret not. Below, we round up 5 spoilers you need to know ahead of the premiere.

1. Will Rhonda survive?

The first half of the season ended with a “very pregnant” Rhonda being pushed down the stairs by someone unknown. According to Design & Trend, Andre’s wife has been “confirmed to be alive and…relatively well” after the attack.

2. Will her baby survive?

However, Design & Trend suggests that Rhonda’s baby might not have survived that “vicious fall.”

3. Who will win Song of the Year?

No word as of yet if Lucious or Jamal will win Song of the Year at the ASA’s. But, according to Fan Sided, tensions will rise between the two because of their nomination.

4. Will Lucious retaliate after losing control of Empire to Hakeem and Camilla?

According to Design & Trend, Lucious might not have it in him to face Hakeem right after his devastating betrayal. The news site suggests that it will be up to Cookie to serve their son “tough love” and the lecture he might need at this point.

5. Will Camilla and Hakeem breakup?

No words as of yet to confirm their breakup. However, Cookie might just step in between her son and his “scheming diva” of a girlfriend as she is afraid that Camilla “might [just] end up manipulating him.”

The rest of “Empire” Season 2 will kick off with “Death Will Have its Day” before the end of this week.