Things got pretty crazy for the Lyon family in the finale of Empire Season 2.

Anika and Rhonda collided in an epic catfight which probably ends with either one or both of them dead. But before the fight, Anika married Lucious from the Feds. Laura and Hakeem’s wedding did not push through. And Jamal’s career is put on hold as he recovers from his injuries.

The Empire Season 2 finale was a major cliffhanger filled with multiple loose ends. How will these work out in Empire Season 3?

Lucious’ major family drama

Ghosts from the past came back to haunt Lucious in Season 2. His mother, Leah, came back only to reveal a secret Lucious wasn’t ready to face. It turned out Tariq is Lucious’ half-brother and he’s not just some ordinary fed.

“He’s someone with a very personal stake in taking Lucious down,” Empire showrunner Ilene Chaiken tells Variety. Tariq might also be the very person who throws Lucious back in jail.

She adds that Leah will be back in Empire Season 3 and “be a big problem for Lucious in every way.”

A somewhat expected death

Chaiken claims that “it sure as hell looks like someone died” in the Season 2 wrapper, and there’s good reason to believe her. For now, it’s a toss up between Anika and Rhonda, but clues suggest that it’s Rhonda who kicks the bucket.

According to Chaiken, the death of that person “is obviously going to determine how Andre goes forward with his life.” Seeing his wife fall to her death certainly deals a heavy blow to Andre. He also lost the baby with Rhonda. If she dies, it will definitely shake him up and perhaps even change him as a person.

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Moreover, Season 3 would be more interesting if Anika lives and gives birth to her baby with Hakeem, which in effect will be, biologically, Lucious’ grandchild. This twisted situation would definitely add some heat to the Lyon household.

Cookie could be gunning for revenge

She most certainly did not take Lucious and Anika’s marriage well. It was all clear when she said, “I did not save this bitch’s life so she could ruin mine!” Lucious and Cookie had gone through so much together, and they finally reached a point where they knew their love for each other was real. Cookie was ready to rekindle their love and be happy together.

“In this moment, she was ready — and he was, too — to make a clean start,” Chaiken shares with TV Line. “They love one another, the path was clear, and all of the sudden, yet another thing from Lucious’ past and the mistakes he made got in the way.”

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Basically, Cookie is done with getting hurt by Lucious. How she reacts to this and how she channels her frustration will be a big story in Empire Season 3.

Jamal and Lucious continue their brawl

Empire Season 3 is “all about the battle for dark versus light.” Lucious represents darkness who’s out to “claim everyone’s soul.” Jamal represents the forces of light as he is the one genuinely determined to end this cycle of violence and oppression within the family and the company. Jamal’s recovery will be more than just for his physical and emotional injuries. He will be a prominent driving force in Empire Season 3.