The Emmy nominations 2016 is out and Sansa Stark, we mean Sophie Turner, is not on the list. While the nominations are already set in stone, here is why omitting Sansa Stark from nomination is unfair.

Sansa Stark was in the midst of season six storyline

Despite the fact that Maisie Williams’s Arya Stark was small in the last season, the Emmy nominations caught it. Meanwhile, Sophie Turner’s glaring in-your-face dramatics was ignored. Sophie’s Sansa may shone too brightly for the judges’ panel. Too bright that they were blinded by it they had to resort to nominating a character in the periphery.

Even in the real world, Sophie is stripped of her right to reign

While in the Game of Thrones world, Sophie’s Sansa feels a little underappreciated for not being recognized as the main liberator of Winterfell, the snub was made more apparent after Jon Snow, the bastard, is proclaimed King of the North. In the real world, the Emmy nominations seem to have mistaken it as an extension of the series when it nominated Kit Harrington but left out Sophie Turner. Sophie Turner should have reigned in the Emmy nominations 2016 at least!

George R.R. Martin, the creator, himself expected the nomination

“And I would have loved to see Sophie Turner on that list as well. I know, I know, I’m greedy,” he wrote on his blog. It’s one thing to be praised for your performance but it’s on a whole new level when even the creator recognizes your performance.

Sansa Stark killed it.

Pun intended but the reality of it is Sophie Turner has given a remarkable performance in showing the growth of her character, Sansa Stark. From a naive lovestruck teenager to a willing pawn and finally a capable strategist learning how to pull strings at the right time, Sophie Turner has given justice and depth to a character.

Maisie Williams is still a child actor

Despite Sophie Turner’s gracious acceptance of the snub, most fans still consider Williams as a child actor. It probably is due to her small stature compared to towering Sophie. Although everyone should take note that Sophie is just one year older than Maisie.

Well, at least let’s hope the Emmy nominations 2016 will fare well for all the the other Game of Thrones nominees!