Yellow and Purple Wiggle, Emma Watkins and Lachy Gillespie celebrated their wedding on Saturday at Hopewood House in NSW Southern Highlands. They had a Wiggle themed ceremony.The actress just looked gorgeous in her wedding frock designed by Suzanne Haward . The wedding was “the best day of my life,” the 26-year-old actress said.

The couple Emma Watkins and Lachy Gillespie hid their love from the public from past two years and finally managed to reveal the big secret out in front of 200 people, Yahoo reported.  “‘Seeing Emma was the most magical moment of my life,” the bridegroom, 29 year-old Lachy said. Everything else just seemed to melt away.” They were joined by Wiggles co-stars Anthony Field and Simon Pryce on their big day.

Emma and Lachy had six bridesmaids and six groomsmen. The Wiggy themed cake had their Wiggles skivvy colours. Lachy, the groom performed a song for his bride, lyrics were written by Ben Elton.

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Anthony’s brother John Field took the band The John Field Band onstage, The Daily Mail reported. The other performer included Murray Cook.

Watkins plans for the wedding day were revealed a month in advance.”I also want a bit of lace, nothing too princessy, but something to twirl around in,” Emma said. “How can I go away from something girlie?,”Emma said to Daily Telegraph. Unlike the Wiggle theme, the dress is not yellow. Though the star confirmed it earlier,“My actual wedding dress will be a bit different and it won’t be yellow”

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The actress also wore a diamond headpiece by Viktoria Novak.The couple after their wedding will join their usual business, Mrs. Emma Watkins and Lachy Gillespie will be touring for The Wiggles around the country.