Those who grew up listening to Eminem may have no argument that he is the “Rap God.” The man who wrote hits like Slim Shady, Cleaning up my Closet and Stan became famous for his impromptu lines. On the other hand, Drake skyrocketed to fame after his songs invaded the Billboard chart. But who will win on an Eminem vs. Drake rap battle?

There has been an ongoing debate whether which of the two rappers will win in case there will be an on the spot rap battle. According to some, Marshall Mathers III will definitely win.

By the way, how did this issue started? According to a source from Hollywood Life, DJ Ebro explained how things started on Hot 97.

He told Drake about the rumors that Eminem is something for him. However, the Canadian rapper laughed off the rumors, stating that “its never going to happen” but will also accept the challenge should it be true.

However, a source close to Eminem allegedly said that he will not win on the spot because someone writes songs for him. “The only way Drake would have a shot is if he had someone wrote his rhymes for him and he could rehearse them, ” quotes the website.

But did Eminem really say that? The rapper is yet to address the issue.

Actually, there might never be an Eminem vs. Drake rap battle at all. Another reason that this whole thing started is because of Drake– Joe Budden drama. Notably, Budden is one of Eminem’s artist, the reason why his named got involved in the issue.

However, it appears that the media is not buying the alleged beef. According to USA Today, Drake’s feud with Meek Mill makes more sense than the latest.

After digging deeper into the timeline, it looks like the whole thing is just a fake rumor. Hot 97 radio presenter Ebro Darden also admitted that he just made it up.

Nevertheless, the public is still expecting Drake’s response, the same thing with Eminem. But if there will be any, who do you think will win in an Eminem vs. Drake rap battle? Let us know in the comments below.