A lot has been said about when the rap god would bless his fans with yet another of his musical creations. Thus, could the latest news promise more than just an Eminem new album but tour dates as well?

This time around, the latest news about Eminem suggests a possible tour date in Montreal in 2017. Apparently, the owner of Beach Club in Montreal, Olivier Primeau, had polled Facebook followers to find out who they want on next year’s slate of performers at the popular venue.

As expected, the names of the typical performers associated with the place cropped up like Tiesto and DJ Khaled, to name a few. Yet interestingly, a few unconventional names popped up, one of which was Eminem, hence the excitement over the eminent rapper’s possible appearance at the Beach Club.

As always, skeptics questioned if Olivier could pull it off. However, MTLBlog seemed certain about his abilities. Moreover, his latest post in connection with getting Eminem to Beach Club would reveal his determination to do it. If plans do push through, could his Montreal engagement also be the release date for his new album?

Facebook/Olivier Primeau

Sources have cited numerous reasons that reportedly lent to the delay of the Eminem new album. Some said the eminent rapper was too busy owing to his various commitments. Others deemed it as cancelled due to his alleged financial difficulties. Then again, many remain hopeful as a number of reports suggested his possible collaboration with some of the hottest names in the industry to date.

Shawn Mendes is high on the list of his potential collaborators. The rap god reportedly hired the young singing sensation to join him as one of his producers. Yet another exciting partnership fans already caught a preview of in Detroit was with Canadian rapper Drake. Hence, it fueled greater excitement for his highly anticipated album.

Could the Eminem new album release date and tour happen in 2017 in Montreal?