Fans who have been waiting for some good news about the Eminem new album in 2016 might have to wait for some more time. This is because the latest update on the issue reveals that the Eminem new album release date might be postponed since the rapper is still uninspired by any great ideas.

There is a recent buzz making rounds about the release date of the Rap God singer’s new album. It says the delay can be due to lack of inspiration. Relevant reports reveal Eminem is moving to England to find inspiration for the album.

For musicians, an idea never comes suddenly. It takes its own sweet time to emerge and evolve. Writing your own songs is not child’s play especially when you have the world watching you. As per experts, most songs have to go through two stages of creation. When the original inspiration takes hold and the editing, in which you can differentiate between the good and bad parts and try to highlight the good points by omitting the errors. For an established rapper like Eminem, it takes a lot of time to nurture something unique. A good inspiration is always the key element to synchronize the rap notes well.

While speculations are high about the Eminem new album release date, a handful of sources think the rapper might have some other engagements.  Some said his second movie is underway. In fact, Eminem’s involvement in writing the original soundtrack of various other movies is keeping the rapper busy. The movies are due for release this year.  Possibly, all these assignments have left him with limited time to concentrate on his next album. Earlier, sources like Grapevine revealed that the legendary rapper was facing financial hardship, so the Eminem new album had to take a backseat.

However, Eminem’s surprise appearance at Drake Summer Sixteen Tour in Detroit dropped some hints about his ninth album.  His joint performance with Drizzy can be considered as an indication of him returning to the rap world soon. The Eminem new album just might be on its way.

Although the buzz about the Eminem new album release created enough ripples in the music world, neither the singer nor anybody from his camp gave an official confirmation on the release date of the much-awaited rap album.