The chances that Eminem would release a follow-up to his 2013 album “The Marshal Mathers LP 2” look grim as the eminent rapper is reportedly working on other business ventures this year.

Christian Times revealed the rapper’s involvement in a new venture called StockX based in Detroit. As the first major investor in the upstart company, Eminem might be taking the hands-on approach to secure his investment. Marshall Bruce Mathers III (a.k.a, Eminem) spoke about his involvement through a StockX press release.

“Sneakers have always been a huge interest of mine, for at least as long as I’ve been rapping, and I’m proud of the fact that I’ve had so many collaborations with Nike and Jordan Brand. I really like the fact that sneakers are a big part of what StockX is doing. When I found out that they happen to be doing it from downtown Detroit, it made even more sense to get involved,” Mathers said. His longtime manager Paul Rosenberg also invested in the online trading platform.

Eminem has also spent more time working for his own label Shady Records. He worked behind the scenes as an executive producer for “Love Story” from Yelawolf and on the soundtrack of Jake Gyllenhaal’s movie “Southpaw,” the publication wrote. Yet the delay might be due to a deeper dilemma for the rapper, one that goes beyond the problems in his personal life. Christian Times revealed his lack of inspiration as the likely cause. Ecumenical News recalled the positive response received by his last album that included the songs “Rap God” and “The Monster.” Hence, creating his next hit song to top that success could be holding him and the new album back.

Denaun Porter, who is a well-known Eminem collaborator and D12 groupmate, shed light on the matter. The publication cited excerpts from his Conspiracy Worldwide podcast last year.

“I don’t think – Em doesn’t work like that. He’s gotta feel that there’s things to talk about and things to say. I mean, he’s working on some other things that I know of: He’s working on a Slaughterhouse project that’s gotta come out; Yelawolf’s album’s out, and it’s super duper dope — I’m proud of him,” Porter said.

Aside from his supposed lack of inspiration, the rapper reportedly wants to protect his music from piracy according to MNR Daily thus, the limited information made public about his next album and its release date. Recently, sources teased about the possible collaboration between Eminem and Nick Cannon. However, it turned out to be a US$100,000 (AU$136,000) challenge issued by Cannon for a rap battle.