It was just a few days ago when Eminem fans were high with the news of the hip-hop sensation’s new album which was set to sometime release in 2016. However, there are some latest twists. Is Eminem’s new album nixed? Is it something to do with his other priorities? What has put his passion for music to backseat? We spill the beans here!

Although, the buzz about Eminem’s new album release created enough ripples in the music world, neither the singer nor anybody from his camp gave an official confirmation on the release date of the much-awaited rap album.

In recent time the rap artist has hands full of projects, which has a few big names too. He is also on the task of making the soundtrack for the forthcoming flick “Suicide Squad.” In fact his involvement  in writing the original soundtracks of various other movies is keeping the rapper busy. The movies are due for release this year.  Possibly, all these assignments have left him with limited time to concentrate on his next album.

Just as a couple of days back, various media outlets hinted that Eminem’s 2016 album might be featuring some remastered account of his earlier hits, particularly his 2002 hit song “Lose Yourself.”

Any confirmation on his album is yet to come from him or his camp. Some fans are considering this quietness as a sign that Eminem is not yet ready to record new tracks for his forthcoming album. Amidst all these unavoidable situations and speculations, there must be a reason behind the rapper’s silence on his stance about releasing his new album three years after his last record.

We hope that he responds to these growing speculations about his album. Meanwhile, as an ardent fan of Eminem, a little wait isn’t a big deal to get the best from the artist. It is worth!  Isn’t it?