Rapper Big Sean has given a clue that Eminem coming up with his new album with him soon. He dropped the hint while he discussed his latest music album I Decided. It aired on February 3 and received a number of good comments and reviews on social media.

The rapper discussed his new anticipated album with Eminem thereby mentioning the importance of performing with the artist. Big Sean talked about No Favors and also revealed the reason for joining the legendary rapper once again. It was in 2014 when Sean and Eminem came together for Detroit vs. Everybody.  The Bounce Back rapper said that Eminem has been his inspiration. He also mentioned the names of Kanye West, J Dilla and The Notorius B.I.G saying they are his influences.

Big Sean talked about the 2014 alliance with Eminem for the album in details. “‘Detroit Vs. Everybody’ means a lot to me, that’s just not a song or a clothing line, that’s a mentality. People from Detroit, we carry that on our backs,” Sean told MTV. While he discussed the details about his new release, he also hinted towards some of the recording processes behind the record. This is where he mentioned about Eminem’s cameo in No Favors.

Big Sean had a conversation with Power 105.1 The Angie Martinez Show host Angie Martinez. In the 14-minute interview, the artist also talked about Jay-Z and said that he gave him an original Roc-A-Fella Records logo chain. “Jay Z gave me the Roc-A-Fella chain, the big boy,” Sean said. “He told me, ‘You earned it.’ He gave it to me and said, ‘You earned it,'” HIPHOPDX wrote.

Truth about Eminem Tour Australia 2017

A poster is circulated online that claims the rapper will tour Australia in 2017. According to reports, the image with the caption has been discovered on the Deviant Art website. The poster was uploaded by Ali Chegini, aka alichegini. He is an artist, hobbyist and digital ace from Iran. However, no authenticity of the same has been confirmed. The rapper has not released any statement on the same yet.

There is speculation in the media that Eminem will launch a tour as his new album is about to release in 2017. However, Australia being one of his destinations might not be true. The tour destinations have not yet been announced. However, Australia may or may not be a part of it.

Eminem has organized Aussie tours twice in 2011 and 2014. TEG Dainty has been the promoter of his Aussie tours. Dainty, however, confirmed that the promotion agency was not yet aware of any such poster being circulated online.

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