A collaboration with Shawn Mendes might help the rap god with more than an Eminem new album 2016.

Fans remain hopeful for a new Eminem album to come out this year. Speculation about its delay came up following news of his preoccupation with businesses other than his music. To date, the eminent rapper has yet to confirm any of the rumors. Will the wait for an Eminem new album soon be over?

The latest news suggested the urgency for the eminent rapper to release a new album soon. Apparently, the net worth of Eminem is not what it used to be, and bankruptcy rumors have come up. However, the rapper has yet to comment on this issue as well. According to the Daily Star, the rap god has aligned with Shawn Mendes and engaged him as a producer for an Eminem new album 2016.

Shawn Mendes has already carved a name for himself in the music industry despite his young age. His acoustic performance at the Billboard Music Awards show certainly wowed the audience. Moreover, the chance to work with the eminent rapper is a challenge that he is more than willing to take on.

“There’s so much prejudice, people don’t seem to think you’re capable of writing great songs… Young musicians can do just as well if not better. The more people and artists that listen to my music and I connect with, the better. I just want to get the chance to keep putting my stuff out there. I enjoy working with people who blow me away vocally,” Shawn revealed.

The prospect of a collaboration between Eminem and Shawn Mendes could possibly deliver a different music type. Fans might recall the epic mash-up performed by the young singer at Capital FM. The eminent rapper might also consider working with Niall Horan. The songwriting talent of the One Direction singer could add a new spin to an Eminem new album 2016.