Highlights from the rapper’s life to date could be the theme of an Eminem new album 2016.

It has been quite a while since Marshall Mathers, also known as Slim Shady, released a new album. Hence, the desire of his fans for news that would hint at its arrival. However, information to date have yet to provide definitive proof that an Eminem new album 2016 is within reach.

News cited various side projects taken on by the eminent rap artist as the cause for its delay. Sources also hinted at potential collaborations with promising talents that would feature new music on an Eminem new album 2016. Then again, his lack of inspiration could prove to be the biggest obstacle to the artist. If so, could a recent write up by Andres Tardio be of help to him?

Tardio revisited the rapper’s entire discography that now spans nearly two decades. Most notable is the autobiographical theme of his works. Hence, it appeals to many who could possibly relate to Eminem’s personal experiences. Moreover, it would likely serve as a testament to the lyrical genius of an artist of his caliber.

Written in prose, Tardio’s work put together words from Eminem’s vast musical archive. The result reads like an official autobiography of the rapper. Interestingly, highlights throughout the entire text is clickable to reveal the actual song that it references. The introduction captures the readers’ attention at once as it invites everyone to learn about his life and works.

“So let me self-empower you with my story. Read my lyrics as I discuss my lows and my highs, my demise and my uprise. My name is Marshall Mathers. This is my story and can’t nobody tell it for me,” the last part of the prologue read. The lyrical autobiography ends with the words from his 2002 song Business.

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