It’s been quite some time since fans have listened to a new album by musical maven Eminem. Unfortunately or by sheer coincidence, there has been a constant delay in the purported release date of his new album due to his other engagements. It looks like once again, the Eminem new album 2016 release date is not coming! Has the rapper given up?

Since last year, there has been this buzz about Slim Shady’s new album. There was even news that the name of his ninth studio album will be Roots. Further details of this album have some more interesting elements, like the inclusion of those who shared their desire to work with this great rapper. The list includes rappers such as Dr. Dre and Xzibit. It could have been an album or a musical tour.

It would have been a great way for Eminem to make a re-entry in the world of music after a long time. Perhaps, this also would have initiated the formation of his dream tie up.  However, at the moment, nothing is in black and white. What is getting even more surprising is that instead of bringing out his own album, he looks more keen in sharpening the skills of new artists and teaming up with his fellow artists!

A case in this regard is that of Skylar Grey. He is one among others to help her in her new album Natural Causes.  On her website Skylar Grey Music, she expressed how Eminem, who produced her song Come Up for Air, helped with the lyrics. In her words:

“Marshall gave me a lot of great feedback, so I rewrote the lyrics like three times, but I finally got to a place where we both really love it.”

With such news popping up every now and then, there is a big question on whether the Eminem new album 2016 release date will see the light of day.