Recent speculation about the new album of Eminem hinted it would include a remix version of his award-winning song, “Lose Yourself.”

“Lose Yourself” came out in 2002 as part of the soundtrack for the movie “8-Mile” that starred Eminem, Yibada recalled. The rap song earned him various accolades including a Grammy Award for Best Rap song. However, the rapper skipped the awards night. He recently revealed why did so, South Pawer reported.

“I just felt like I had a snowballs chance of…I think I got it confused when they said about Oscar. They were talking about the song but I was like ‘ye but isn’t there other movies that got rock songs and stuff like that’? At that point, in my life I always thought like rap never gets as fair shake on anything,” Eminem said.

He added, “That was one of the reasons I didn’t go for the first Grammys I was invited to, because I pretty much protested it. I didn’t understand why there was a rap category and best album category and I couldn’t understand why rap album cannot be in the best album category.”

Aside from its notable achievements, the song’s lyrics also lent to its popularity because of the Italian dish Eminem included.

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti,” the publication noted. The lyric “mom’s spaghetti” certainly caught everyone’s attention. Moreover, it launched an array of remixes and memes.

Eminem also used the lyric “mom’s spaghetti” on a Mother’s day t-shirt in honor of his own mother, Billboard reported. The write up read, “Show Mom you appreciate her in style this Mother’s Day and pick up our ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ collab with Unfortunate Portrait.” Unfortunately, the merchandise was only on sale for three days.

The rumor likely started with the recent creation of a food artist. While most references reduced “mom’s spaghetti” to just another meme, Nathan Wyburn reportedly saved it, Food Beast wrote. Moreover, his interpretation likely made it profound.

Anticipation is high for the rapper’s next album following “The Marshal Mathers LP 2” released in 2013. Speculations for its delay range from a lack of inspiration to preoccupation with business ventures. Sources even teased about his collaboration with Nick Cannon that turned out to be another issue between the two. The rapper has not confirmed the rumored remix of “Lose Yourself.”