The rap god’s national duty might have gotten in the way of an Eminem new album 2016.

Anticipation for the Eminem new album 2016 remains strong. In fact, varied speculations about it only seem to fuel the eagerness of fans. Perhaps it is because a number of rumors suggested his possible collaborations with other celebrated artists. Topping the list is Shawn Mendes. The young singer might offer something different that could result in an epic mashup. Even Eminem’s supposed feud with Drake could end up as a collaboration to add a touch of intrigue.

Suggestions of collaborations are well and good. However, the Eminem new album 2016 has yet to happen owing to his numerous side projects and lack of inspiration. Then again, the rap god might have answered the call of duty to his nation, hence its delay.

The lyrical artistry of the rap god is undeniable. Thus, the compilation of his musical archive done by Andres Tardio makes for a good read. Moreover, Eminem’s lyrics seem to inspire listeners. Hence, the appeal of his music to so many people. It seems that President Barack Obama is no exception.

A recent video showed one of the most powerful men in the world bobbing his head to Lose Yourself by Eminem. The Grammy Award-winning rap song possibly gave the boost of courage Obama likely needed before addressing the DNC last July. Thus, it would seem he is like many ordinary people inspired by the rap god, according to the National Post. Could Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton take a hint from Obama?

Apparently, Eminem spoke about President Obama in a previous interview back in 2012. It would seem the rap god is also a fan of the politician.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Eminem new album 2016.