Marshall Mathers does not seem to matter much anymore. The Eminem new album is a phantom record at best. Forbes has just dropped the rapper from its annual Celebrity 100 list this year. Eminem ranked 71st in 2011 and 82nd in 2015.

However, this year’s list saw Slim Shady slinking away from the list entirely. The rapper only did 13 shows last year. six of which was part of the Monster Tour with Rihanna in the MetLife Stadium, garnering over $5 million per show. With only 13 shows in total over Forbes’ scoring period, it’s no wonder the rapper did not generate enough money to make it to the list.

Aside from the sparse shows, it has been a long time since Eminem last released an album. While the rumors floated that the rapper will be releasing an Eminem new album sometime this year, no significant information has come up. Everyone is absolutely in the dark regarding the album, tracks and collaborations.

As for the Eminem new album, speculations say Eminem is currently distracted by other business ventures. Some have pointed out that the album may be taking a while because Eminem is headed in a new direction. He may feature new up-and-coming rappers and even One Direction’s Niall Horan.

It might be that the rapper is simply waiting for a musical renaissance of sorts. Whatever the reason is, his camp remains quiet on everything, even with the phantom album of 2016.

While Eminem is laying low, fellow rappers are the ones making news for him. Snoop Dogg has confirmed he will be collaborating with Cheryl Cole on her upcoming album. Snoop Dogg also shared that Cole was talking to Eminem about a possible collaboration. However, this piece of information is still not confirmed by Eminem.

Meanwhile, Jay Z took a swipe at the greatest of all time rapper in a recent interview. Jay Z thinks of Eminem as an overrated rapper. He further said there are by far more talented rappers who can drop lines better than Eminem can ever do.

It does not help that Eminem’s show with Rihanna in the same venue made more money than Jay Z and Beyoncé’s concert, Forbes notes.

Out of all this, fans are surely asking and hoping for the real Slim Shady to finally speak up.