Ellen DeGeneres is at the top of her game with her latest prank. This time around, the TV host coached NBA star Kobe Bryant for their hilarious practical joke on an unsuspecting doctor.

For his mission, the basketball legend spoke with a doctor about his “serious sweat problem,” Bleacher Report wrote. The condition supposedly played a role in his decision to withdraw from the game. DeGeneres gave Bryant instructions over an earpiece.

After a brief explanation of his condition, DeGeneres asked Bryant to bring out a jar of his “sweat.” The NBA star offered it to the doctor for a price. The Black Mamba proceeded to give graphic details about his “condition” that left the woman stumped, Fox Sports noted.

“It starts on my left upper cheek — my buttocks. Starts dripping down to my knee and drips back up. It just keeps going up, up, up to my ear. Wraps around my neck, then from there’s it’s like a shower. I’m soaking wet. Just drenched,” Bryant described.

Bryant went all out for the prank and indulged DeGeneres as he repeated her every word. He shared how his former teammates teased him about his “condition.” Some of the nicknames he supposedly got were “Sir Sweats A Lot,” “Puddles,” and his favourite, “Nothing But Sweat.”

The prank got stranger after DeGeneres told him to stand up then jump up and down as he spun around while humming. Andrew Joseph of FTW! NBA admired Kobe Bryant as he managed to “keep a straight face” throughout the whole prank.

The look on the doctor’s face was priceless all throughout. When it was time to let her in on the prank, Bryant told her about the voice in his head named Ellen DeGeneres. All’s well that ends well and she got a hug from the NBA star.

Kobe Bryant was on “The Ellen Show” for his first post-retirement interview. He scored 60 points during his last game for the Los Angeles Lakers. Although he’s officially retired from the NBA, the legend is immortalised in video games.

Click here to watch Kobe Bryant’s hidden camera prank on “The Ellen Show.”