It was a few months ago that Frontier Developments announced the coming of Elite Dangerous Horizons for Xbox One. It made streamers and players truly excited for its release date.

Finally it is here. So what are the new features to expect?

Hyper detailed and hyper realistic

Basically Elite Dangerous Horizons for Xbox One is no longer the same game compared to what you are playing for some time now.  It is called hyper detailed and hyper realistic, according to review.

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One example, the same with real world experience, space travel in the game will take time. The additional new features in Elite Dangerous Horizons for Xbox One makes the game hyper-realistic world even more in-depth.

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Massive Expansion

The Elite Dangerous Horizons for Xbox One is considered as a massive expansion to the game. Updates include game’s customization options, a multi-crew system and more.

Frontier Developments is promising Multi-crew setups that allow Xbox One owners to team up with their friends aboard the same ships. Every crew member will have their own role while the setup sounds is very much alike to the GTA Online handles its Heists missions.

There is also Commander Creator, which enable players customize how they look in the game. Different size craft have different capabilities and commanders of large ships will gain the ability to deploy attack fighters.

Elite Dangerous Horizons Xbox One is also expected to allow players to land their starships on worlds using a SRV rover, similar to PC user.

“Scientifically Accurate” Planet Surfaces

With Elite Dangerous: Horizons  you can now explore “scientifically accurate”  planet surfaces in the new SRV Surfare Recon Vehicle, launch smaller short-range fighters from larger spacecraft, and enjoy co-op shenanigans with the new multi-crew feature enabling teams of players to assume different roles aboard the same ship, reports.

Players can use the SRV to explore planet surfaces to find valuable resources, encounter enemies in combat, raid bases, scout crash sites, and co-operating with other players.

Getting Elite Dangerous Horizons on Xbox One unlocks a season’s worth of content for Xbox One owners and unlocks three more expansions all coming sometime in 2016.