Disney’s “Elena of Avalor”, the spin-off of “Sofia The First”, is all set to be launched. The fairytale series will debut  on Friday, July 22, with a one-hour special of the same name on Disney Channel.

Elena is a teenage Latin princess who saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress. She will be the first Latin lead character by Disney. The channel will telecast a special TV movie this fall titled “Elena and the Secret of Avalor.” The movie will explain how Elena was imprisoned for decades in a magical amulet and set free by Princess Sofia of Enchancia, the lead character of “Sofia The First.”

Disney Elena of Avalor debuts on July 22 disneyparks.disney.go.com

Disney’s “Elena of Avalor”

“Elena” stories are likely to have influences from Latin and Hispanic cultures through architecture, traditions, food and customs. Magic, mythology, folklore and music also play an important role. Moreover, each episode of “Elena of Avalor” will feature original songs sung in Latin musical styles like mariachi, Latin pop, salsa, banda and Chilean hip hop.

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Deadline learned that the show’s theme song is sung by Latin Grammy Award winner Gaby Moreno. At the same time, Aimee Carrero sings Elena’s anthem “My Time.”  Walt Disney Records will release the anthem as a digital single on iTunes on Friday, June 24, followed by a six-track EP featuring songs from the series on Friday, July 22.

Aimee Carrero will also do the voice work for Elena. Other than her, the voice cast will include Jenna Ortega as Princess Isabel; Chris Parnell, Yvette Nicole Brown and Carlos Alazraqui as Migs, Luna and Skylar; Emiliano Díez as Francisco; Julia Vera as Luisa; Christian Lanz as Chancellor Esteban; Jillian Rose Reed as Naomi; Joseph Haro as Mateo; Jorge Diaz as Gabe; Keith Ferguson as Zuzo; and Joe Nunez as Armando, Variety reveals.

Verified users can enjoy a full-length preview of the first episode, “First Day of Rule,” which will be available on the Disney Channel app and Disney Channel VOD platforms beginning July 1. Following its U.S. debut, the series will roll out worldwide in 33 languages in 163 countries on the channel.

What’s more, Disney Publishing has published print and e-book titles based on Elena and her story. Licensees including Habro, Jakks Pacific,  Franco Manufacturing and Children’s Apparel Network have prepared dolls, role-play products, accessories, home decor and apparel that will be available later this month at Disney Stores and then at mass retailers later in the summer.