“Elementary” season 4 is down to its last episode for this current season. As new reports suggested, episode 24 will promise to deliver a finale worth watching.

Entitled “A Difference in Kind,” “Elementary” season 4 episode 24 will see Sherlock and Joan in a very compromising situation. As the official synopsis from TV Guide read, “Season 4 ends with Holmes and Watson facing reprisal from the perpetrator who wants Morland dead, and realising they dangerously underestimated the scope of their new enemy’s influence.”

Ecumenical News also dished on Sherlock and Joan’s upcoming encounter with Morland’s mystery perpetrator claiming that he will also be coming for the duo’s heads. Although successful in unmasking the identity of Morland’s attacker, Sherlock and Joan’s lives will be placed in great danger and could not make it out alive.

Meanwhile, fans of the hit series are happy to know that “Elementary” has already been picked up for another season. No specific details for season 5 have been given as of writing, but showrunner Rob Doherty teased that Lin (Samantha Quan), Joan’s half sister could return.

“We’d love to see her again next year,” Doherty told TV Line. “We like the actress very much. We had fun seeing the sisters together. I know Lucy [Liu] had a good time. It’s a matter of finding the right kind of story to pull Lin back in,” he continued.

Doherty also dished on the possibility of having a face to Joan’s father. The showrunner shared that the idea has already popped up and have been discussed, but has not yet been finalised for the upcoming season just yet.

“One of us on the staff has to have the right pitch for who he is and where he is now,” he said. “It’s tricky. We’ve explained in several episodes now that he’s diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. It’s a challenging thing to write, too.”