Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is set to head to Mackay, Queensland to campaign for his fellow backbencher George Christensen.

This was confirmed by Christensen himself, who happily confirmed the news on Thursday afternoon.

Abbott campaigning for Christensen is an attempt by the former to ensure that the government of Malcolm Turnbull is re-elected.

Christensen currently holds the seat of Dawson with a margin of 7.6 percent, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

As an opinionated member of the conservative wing of the Coalition, he compared the Safe Schools program to paedophile grooming. He had spoken publicly at a rally going against Islam Reclaim Australia beforehand.

Abbott surprised travellers in Manly on Monday when he greeted people and handed out flyers with a few volunteers for the Liberal Party as the federal election campaign went full-steam ahead, according to

Current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has himself admitted in a previous interview that he expects his predecessor to support him “because they know that’s the way for more jobs and more growth,” referring to the national economic policy that Abbott is in favour of.

Turnbull’s comments come after he was asked what initiative Abbott would use to help him during the election campaign ahead of the federal elections on July 2.

Abbott is determined to guarantee that the Turnbull government will continue on. However, any hopes of another Abbott prime ministership were dashed when he admitted that his era in leadership has “been and gone.”

Abbott expressed no desire to run for Prime Minister once again in the future and explained that he had already moved past the time he stepped down from the position back in September.

“I am very proud of what I was able to do and I think it will stand the test of time,” Abbott said.