Election 2016 is a crucial one for Australia’s future. Malcolm Turnbull seems confident about forming the next government. While the end result still seems uncertain, Australia may have turned its face away from its present prime minister.

In the previous election, the Liberal/National Coalition got 90 seats, which was far ahead of the magic figure: 76. According to the Australian Electoral Commission, LNP is ahead in 67 seats only. Australian Labor Party, on the other hand, is leading in 71 seats.

According to Fairfax Media, the blame-game within the Liberal Party has already started, no matter how confident Turnbull claims to be.

Labor leader Bill Shorten says, even though there’s possibility that Turnbull may become the prime minister again, the Coalition has lost the mandate.

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“And now is the time to unite in Australia’s aid, in Australia’s service to ensure that we can have truly the very best years for our country ahead of us,” the Australian PM said. He said he would form a majority government for the Coalition, even if the result is unknown for some days.

Even though Turnbull sounds confident about the Coalition’s victory, there is hardly any confirmation at the moment. The present situation is open to at least three options in Election 2016: a hung parliament, Labor’s victory and the Coalition’s victory. Among the three, the Coalition’s victory may be the most unlikely one to happen.

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In an election which is majorly divided in a tw0-party equation, smaller parties have fared well. According to South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, both LNC and ALP need to regain people’s trust in them.

“If you can’t represent them they will find their way to these other populist parties,” The Australian quoted the premier as saying. “So it’s a message to the major parties to care for those people who are being adversely affected by globalization.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald political editor Peter Hartcher, two major parties are lost in “all-consuming narcissism.”

The result of Election 2016 may still need some time to come out. Meanwhile, speculations are on about all the possibilities. Whether Turnbull returns or not is a matter of “wait and watch.”