Video gaming company Bethesda has a lot in store for its E3 conference on June 14-16. An “Elder Scrolls V Skyrim” Remaster may just be one of them.  

No one is exactly sure what Bethesda may reveal in this year’s E3 but there are several games that are sure to make an appearance, such as “Dishonored 2”, “DOOM”, and “Fallout 4″.” Skyrim” was out of the picture until recent revelations from different sources raised a lot of eyebrows

During a H.A.M. Radio podcast hosted by YouTube user MrMattyPlays, reliable insider Shinobi602 said that a “Skyrim” remake is most likely and will be revealed in the E3 conference, Gamingbolt reports.

According to Gematsu, another source also confirmed a “Skyrim” remake. In a NeoGAF thread discussion about a speculation on the game’s remake, Enter the Dragon Punch user commented “It’s real”. He further mentioned that the remastered release will also feature more game content, including DLCs (Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire).

Unfortunately, no further details were given except for the confirmation on the game’s possibility. Gamingbolt also mentioned that gamers may expect the game to be made for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

In any case, this lowers the chances of actually seeing “Elder Scrolls 6” in this year’s E3. But gamers should not fret as Bethesda will have more time to develop “Elder Scrolls 6” further. After all, as GameNGuide mentions, Bethesda would want to focus more on the quality of the games rather than quantity.

“Elder Scrolls V Skyrim” was dubbed as one of the best games of the past generation. Many gaming sites gave high scores. Metacritic gave an average score of 94. It even claimed a perfect score, 40 out of 40, from Famitsu. Taking into consideration the huge success of “Elder Scrolls V Skyrim”, it is no surprise then that Bethesda will re-release it.

Do you think that “Skyrim’s” remastered release will be worth the hype?