Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert started his 19-month prison sentence on Feb. 15, Monday. He was incarcerated for bribery and obstruction of justice. On his farewell video, he proclaimed his innocence and said that he was just merely a victim of political injustice.

Israel’s ex-Prime Minister was imprisoned in the Maasiyahu Wing 10, shortly after releasing a personal video to expressed his disappointment over the decision of the court. In the video, Olmert looked sullen and tired. While he admitted committing mistakes, he denies the corruption allegations that are being thrown at him.

Olmert is imprisoned in the VIP section of the Maasiyahu prison because authorities insist that this will be for his security, ABC News reported. The unit is built for at least 18 people and Olmert is the fifth occupant in the section.

This prison section is equipped with six cells that have three beds and one toilet each. The rooms are equipped with cupboards, chairs, television set and tables. Occupants are also entitled to using the public phones, as well as the exercise equipment.

Olmert was permitted to bring his own things like pieces of underwear, socks, tracksuits and sheets. He was also allowed to bring his own bedsheets and pillow covers. Reportedly, the prison facility also permitted him to bring almost $400 for commissary purchases.

The just convicted politician will be tasked to follow a specific routine every day like the other prisoners. This will include waking up at five in the morning for the headcount and breakfast. He will also be subjected to all other facility activities before 11 pm.

Olmert is expected to do this until he completely serves his sentence. He was originally sentenced to a span of six years, but the Supreme Court of Israel reduced this to 18 months, i24 News TV reported. He was sent to prison along with other senior officials like Moshe Katsav who was sentenced to serve seven years in prison for rape.