An Egyptian lawmaker had never thought that his invitation for dinner to the Israeli ambassador, Haim Koren, would be criticised by a “shoe”. A fellow colleague, Kamal Ahmed attacked Egyptian lawmaker Tawfik Okasha with a “shoe” during a parliament meeting on Sunday.

Okasha is a popular TV talk show host and parliament member. He invited Koren at his home in the northeastern Dakahlia province last week. He announced it live on TV.  Koren confirmed his presence with other colleagues.

“He proposed the meeting, at which he raised ideas of us helping Egypt in the areas of water, agriculture and education – to try to set up a number of schools with Israeli training,” Koren said about his meeting with the Egyptian lawmaker.

“I offered to work on putting this together, and that we meet again. I will soon be inviting him over to our place. He showed great courage. He knew he would be attacked, and nonetheless he stood firm on his convictions.”

The controversy upsurged after Koren shared a picture on Facebook of both of them meeting on Wednesday evening last week.

While other lawmakers took a stance by demanding dismissal of Okasha and Ahmed from parliament.  The speaker kicked-out both of them. The parliament session was postponed for 10 minutes.

While other parliamentarians signed a statement against “normalization of ties with Israel”. They demanded a probe over Okasha’s actions.

Okasha said he met the ambassador to discuss bilateral interests between both the nations. He also discussed Ethiopia’s under-construction Grand Renaissance Dam.

He pointed on the most-believed theory that “Israel wants to harm Egypt’s interest by supporting Ethiopia’s dam”. He asked: “They (Israel) are the ones building the Renaissance Dam, are we fooling ourselves?” in a report by ABC News.

The meeting between Okasha and Haim Koren was headlined in many TV shows. The Parliament has decided to investigate the meeting.

Diplomatically, dealing directly with Israel is a veto in Egypt. Although, both the countries signed 1979 U.S – sponsored accord. But the Egyptian response has always remained unfriendly, reports Press TV .