A passenger’s selfie with Seif Eldin Mustafa, the man who hijacked an EgyptAir flight on Tuesday has been declared the “best selfie ever”.

Ben Innes, health and safety auditor by profession, posed with a smiling face with the hijacker and took a selfie. He was one of the three British passengers on the plane hijacked by Mustafa.

Innes said that he was curious and wanted to check out his suicide belt closely. He said: “ I figured if his bomb was real I’d nothing to lose anyway.”

Mustafa hijacked the EgyptAir flight destined for Cairo from Alexandria and forcefully directed it to Cyprus. He orchestrated the hijacking to meet his wife with whom he divorced in 1994. Later he made some incoherent demands and asked the negotiators to send an envelope to the women in Cyprus otherwise he said he would blow himself.

Later, the suicide belt was found fake. All the passenger and crew were freed and Mustafa was arrested by anti-terrorism force in Cyprus.

When the plane landed at Larnaca airport in Cyprus, Innes managed to get a snap with Mustafa.

“ I got one of the cabin crew to translate for me and asked him if I could do a selfie with him,” said Innes in a report by USA Today.

“He just shrugged OK, so I stood by him and smiled for the camera while a stewardess did the snap. It has to be the best selfie ever,” he added.

However, Innes’ mother Pauline said it wasn’t a selfie, there was someone who clicked it.

“All we can say is that the picture is clearly not a selfie as everyone has been describing it. You can clearly see that it is not Ben who is taking the picture. He’s in it but he’s not taking it.” said Pauline in a report by The Guardian.

Egypt’s foreign ministry cleared that the lone hijacker was not a terrorist.

“He’s not a terrorist, he’s an idiot. Terrorists are crazy but they aren’t stupid. This guy is.” said the ministry in a report by Fox News.