Investigators have claimed recovery of wreckage from EgyptAir flight MS804 that crashed in May with 66 people on board, including crew members.

The authorities are hopeful that this discovery in the Mediterranean Sea would lead their way to the recovery the plane’s black box.  It was barely two weeks ago that a French naval vessel detected underwater signals reportedly from the plane’s black boxes. CNN specified that a specialized locator equipment installed on board the French vessel La Place detected signals from the Mediterranean seabed.

France’s air accident investigation agency BEA director Remy Jouty released a statement where he confirmed that the signals that were detected belonged to one of the recorders on the plane. “The signal of a beacon from a flight recorder could be detected. … The detection of this signal is the first step,” Jouty said in a statement.

The Civil Aviation Ministry said on Wednesday that the pictures of the debris have been taken and given to an Egyptian investigative committee for further proceedings. Though, size and location of the wreckage were recovered has not been revealed.

According to CBC Canada, since the EgyptAir plane en route from Paris to Cairo crashed on May 19, investigators have been involved in searching for the debris. This is an important step as far as knowing the cause of the crash is concerned. Following the crash, several small pieces and human remains have been recovered, but it is believed that the major parts of the plane are deep under the sea.

An official from the civil aviation ministry claimed that as soon as the black boxes are found, they will be brought to Egypt, which is an official procedure. The same procedure was followed when the recorders from Metrojet Flight 9268 were recovered when the plane crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, the ministry added.