An Australian-British dual national was on board the missing EgyptAir Flight 804, which was bound for Cairo from Paris. Richard Osman, 40, one of the casualty, had just celebrated the birth of his second daughter just a few weeks ago.  His family was traumatised by what has happened to him. Richard Osman is reported to have grown up in Wales but had worked in Australia as a geologist.

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop confirmed the report today.

She said, “I regretfully confirm that one of the passengers on EgyptAir Flight, MS804… was an Australian-UK dual national. We are working closely with UK authorities, which are taking the lead in the provision of consular assistance to the man’s family.”

Richard Osman’s younger brother Alastair informed that Osman was extremely happy at the birth of his daughter Olympe on April 27, reported Mail Online. He said that his brother texted and informed him about the birth of his daughter. Alistair also said that his brother was admired for his strength and values.

He said, “He’s a new dad. A dad for the second time now and I know that would have filled him with love and joy.”

“It’s funny how quickly things change,” added Alistair.

Indaily quoted Alistair fondly remembering his brother , “Richard was a very kind person, loving person, very focused. He was a workaholic and never deviated from the straight path.”

There were 56 passengers and 10 crew members on the EgyptAir Flight 804. It disappeared from the radar about halfway between the Greek island of Crete and Coastlines of Egypt. Authorities from Egypt and Russia have speculated that the plane might have brought down by terrorists.

Earlier confusion arose due to a statement released by the airlines. It stated that EgyptAir Flight 804 debris was found near the Greek Island of Karpathos. It started when Egyptian Civil Aviation ministry said that the Greek authorities found the debris.

Egyptian ambassador to France Ehab Badawy said that Greek authorities informed them that they found “white and blue debris corresponding to EgyptianAir’s colours”. But Greek authorities told reporters that the debris found was not blue and white.