Gamers are eagerly waiting for Edge of Nowhere for Oculus Rift to drop in Australia.

Edge of Nowhere will have a player scale the scary walls of Antarctica. Action comes in as you use weapons and wit to defeat weird creatures that lay in your way. Meanwhile, adventure awaits you as you trace the tracks of the lost expedition which your fiancé participated in.

Word to the wise, it’s recommended you take a strong grip on you sanity as the real and surreal meld seamlessly.

The Story Board

As Victor Howard seeks his fiancé Ava Thorne in the dark and mysterious caves and icebergs of Antarctica, reality shapeshifts into something else while creatures lurking in the dark, icy caverns leap to life.

“Travel to the frigid reaches of the Antarctic in search of a missing expedition. As you venture deep into the unknown, you will encounter a surreal world which will test you. It will twist you. And eventually it may break you. You’re surrouned on all sides by the unexpected, and nothing is as it seems,” Insomniac CEO Ted Price tells PC Gamer.

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Reviews from Down Under

“You shouldn’t be here,” it whispered.

Edge of Nowhere is highly immersive game that takes a player to Antarctica in search of a missing expedition. Played on a third-person perspective, this action-adventure game also provides the right level of  horror and falls under Kotaku Australia’s 8 Best Oculus Rift games.

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Edge of Nowhere : Where to Buy

Slated for a June 6 release, Edge of Nowhere fans and Oculus Rift players should look no further. On June 6, check out their website and Oculus Store for the game and make sure you get a tight grip on your sanity as you explore this psychological thriller of a game!