Media personality Meshel Laurie has entered the controversy relating to Collingwood Football Club president Eddie McGuire’s comment on enjoying the drowning of a female AFL journalist.

According to 9News, McGuire, during a radio segment, said that he was ready to pay $50, 000 if he gets an opportunity to see a female AFL journalist drowning. “In fact, I reckon we should start the campaign for a one-person slide next year. (The Age journalist) Caroline Wilson. And I’ll put in 10 grand straight away — make it 20. And, if she stays under, 50,” he commented.

Now the president has defended himself saying that his intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.  It was nothing but a “joke” expected to be taken light-heartedly. The controversy has reached the mass, where a significant wave of anger has been seen after the comment put form by McGuire.

It was understood that the comment targeted football writer Caroline Wilson.  The comment was made during “the Big Freeze at the G” airing on Triple M last Monday. The program was intended towards raising fund for Motor Neuron Disease. Following the comment, not only the public criticized McGuire but media personalities have also shown their reactions. reported that Laurie, on her Monday show KIIS 101.1’s Matt & Meshel, called the football club’s president “a pig.”

“You know what, you’re a pig,” Laurie said. “You have no compunction in casual racism and to suggest it be hilarious to drown a woman and call all your mates in on it … fundamentally he should not be allowed to broadcast. This is a man who cannot speak without spreading hate.”

Wilson, who was the main target of the controversial comment, responded to the issue on Monday. She spoke on 3 AW’s Ross and John Show and said that the comments by the club president “probably crossed the line.” “It was such a pity they needed to default to that really vicious language. I don’t accept that it was just playful banter,” Wilson said.

“It’s like casual racism: casual violent language might be meant as a joke but I wonder how many times we have to draw this line in the sand between what is a joke and what is completely unacceptable. I think he gets away with a lot because people are scared of him … I occasionally take him to task and he doesn’t like it. He has such power.”