The death toll from the Ecuador earthquake rose to 413 on Monday. Two Canadian citizens and 1 American are dead in the quake.

Two Quebecois, Jennifer Mawn and her son, Arthur Laflamme, died when the roof of their house caved in the 7.8 magnitude Ecuador earthquake. A relative informed that Mawn’s husband, Pascal Laflamme and daughter, Laurie-Ann, survived with minor injuries.

Guy Laflamme, Pascal’s uncle, said that the family moved to Ecuador recently and that the family liked travelling and working abroad. Guy said that Pascal was chatting with his father on FaceTime when the earthquake struck, CTV News reports.

“Everything was going well and from one moment to the next, everything started to shake, to vibrate. Pascal shouted, ‘get out! get out!’ and all communication was cut off,” Guy told Montreal radio station 98.5 FM.

He said that the father-daughter duo who survived the quake “went to the hospital but there were a lot of people extremely injured so they went to stay with friends.” He said Pascal later called to inform about the deaths of his wife and son.

The International Development Minister of Canada Marie-Claude Bibeau said that Canada will offer CAD$1 million (AU$1,007702.49) to Ecuador authorities. “We will help the (Laflamme) family through our consular services. Our team is in contact with local authorities to evaluate the impact of the earthquake and the needs on the ground,” Bibeau noted.

Global Affairs Canada urged relatives and friends of those who were travelling in Ecuador to contact its emergency response number. The Ecuador state department confirmed the death of a US citizen also. A spokesperson John Kirby said, “We are aware of the death of one US citizen and have been in touch with their family. We will continue working with Ecuadorian authorities going forward.”

However the identity of the dead US citizen is still unknown, reported NBC News.

President Rafael Correa said, “The pain is immense, but the spirit of the Ecuadorian people is greater. We will move forward from this.” Correa cut short his Vatican trip after the earthquake and returned home.

Speaking about the irreparable loss the family members of deceased had faced, he said, “Everything can be rebuilt, but lives cannot be recovered, and that’s what hurts the most.”