A new research has found that the palm oil, an ingredient used in making Nutella, is more carcinogenic than other types of oil and may cause cancer. However, Nutella’s company, Ferrero argues that they only use the highest quality oil and is safe for consumption.

The update was made by the European Food Safety Authority.  The agency says that heating the palm oil at 200 degrees Celsius can produce chemicals that can cancer. The chemical is called glycidyl fatty esters (GE). It has been found that such chemicals can cause tumors in rats and mice, prompting the EFSA to list it as a potential risk for children and for those who eats too much of it.

However, the effect of the chemicals has only been studied in animals. This means that the chemicals may not produce the same effects on humans. Hence, those who love the chocolate spread may not have to panic.

As the spokesperson for the EFSA pointed out, “At the moment, there is no scientific evidence” of a link between GE exposure and cancer in humans,” Nutella is not the only popular food that was also linked to cancer. Other foods like microwave popcorn, processed meats like bacon and sausage and canned foods were also associated with cancer.

Tech times reports that microwave popcorn has been found to contain diacetyl by a study from for Disease Control and Prevention. Diacetyl gives the popcorn its buttery taste but once it is vaporized, it can become toxic to human health.

Processed meats have also been found to cause cancer. According to International Agency for Research on Cancer, processed meats are now labeled as a carcinogen. Canned foods were also found to contain the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which can cause endocrine problems. It may also cause behavioral problems, hyperactivity as well as breast and prostate cancers.