LeBron James is eager more than ever to play against the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals.

According to Fox Sports, King James said that it was after the Toronto Raptors convincingly beat the Miami Heat in Game 7 Sunday when he wanted to face the team for the Eastern finals.

The unquestionable victory of the Raptors has finalised the matchup of the team against the Cavs. The Cavs will host Game 1 on Tuesday night.

James is looking forward to becoming the first player since the 1960s Boston Celtics team to participate in six consecutive finals. This would not be impossible as this will be James’ sixth consecutive trip to the Eastern finals.

Cleveland reported that James seemed different from his usual media chats while his team was still waiting for their opponent. Back then, James was thoughtful of his health and career saying that his retirement depends on his children. But after the Raptors beat the Heat, James became more serious.

King James averages 29.5 points, 6.5 assists and 8.6 rebounds in the past Eastern finals.  He averaged higher last year with more rebounds, points and assists in the conference finals compared to any other player in any playoff series. Considering these numbers, LeBron James is becoming better in this round than in other playoff rounds.

Had the Miami Heat won the game on Sunday, people would see something that is very unusual. James would play for another title while facing a team that he has led to four consecutive Finals games and two championships. James had first left the Cavs to join Heat and there could still be raw emotions over James’ leaving. Another thing that stirs controversy with James is his quick trips to Miami even during the season.

LeBron James said that he did not really indulge in thinking about the Heat too much but that he was “just waiting around” like the rest of the team. He said that they would be ready to play against whoever won the game.