EastEnders has been on air for over three decades now. The long running British soap opera has had to say goodbye to a lot of characters throughout the years. Should fans of London’s onscreen version of East End brace for another death soon? Below, we round up all the EastEnders spoilers you should know ahead of this month’s episodes.

According to a popular UK-based entertainment news site, the show’s producers have yet to confirm if death’s coming for one of their characters soon. However, fans should still begin to bid farewell to one of the soap’s most memorable actors. Karl Howman, who plays Buster Briggs on the show, will leave the East End soon.

Howman has played Buster for almost two years now. But, according to Digital Spy, he has already filmed his final scenes for the popular drama series. BBC has kept mum about the exact way Howman’s character will leave the show. However, fans have already started guessing how his exit could possibly go down.

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Trouble seems to always follow Buster around from the very start. He is currently caught in between two women. He’s had a relationship with Shirley Carter all this time. But he still pursued Kathy Beale anyway and even started an affair with her.

Could either woman find out the truth about this soon? Which of them will find out first? How will Shirley or Kathy react to the whole mess? Could the blow prove too much for both women that either one could actually kill Buster? As of this moment, these questions remain unanswered and these speculations remain unconfirmed. Stay tuned for updates.

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