A new gameplay trailer for “UFC 2” has been launched by EA (Electronic Arts) Sports and it is packed with more awesome stuff than the gaming community can anticipate.

“UFC 2” is an upcoming MMA game from the known game developer.

GameSpot reports that in the gameplay trailer, the game’s new features are showcased. Such features include dynamic grappling and knockout physics. According to the website, another thing showcased in the trailer is the game’s epic graphics.

You can check out the full gameplay trailer below, courtesy of EA Sports’ YouTube account:

The trailer is only a two minutes and 10 seconds but it is able to compress the features that the game developer wants to reveal.

MMA News also reports that with this second “UFC” game, EA Sports attempts to address the complaints it has received with the first game. One of the notable changes that EA Sports took into consideration, according to the website, is removing auto-block which many players hated.

The website also shares a comprehensive list of features from the trailer and breaks it down to three aspects. MMA News lists down the following:

  • Physics-based hit reactions and knockouts, which replace the canned animations from the first game.

  • Defense has been changed in two major ways: Unlike the first game, where the “weak block” automatically blocked everything and only “strong block” was about blocking high or low, now all blocking is based on blocking high or low.

  • Grappling is no longer turn-based like all previous MMA games.

Based on an overall look, “UFC 2” is a promising follow up to the first “UFC” release by EA Sports.

According to GameSpot, people who pre-order the game will have access to the fighters Bas Rutten and Kazushi Sakuraba including a currently unnamed mystery fighter.

EA Sports “UFC 2” will officially come to PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One on March 1.