It’s no question that Microsoft’s latest gaming console, the Xbox One, has been one of the most selling devices up to date, and it has seen some tight competition against the Japanese tech juggernaut’s PlayStation 4. It’s a known fact that Sony has sold about 35 million units of its gaming console, but Redmond is keeping mum on sales figures of its rival device. However, Electronic Arts may have spilled the beans regarding how well the Xbox is faring in the market at the moment.

Eurogamer was keeping close to the scene, and was listening to Electronic Art’s conference call when the company’s CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed the internal sales estimate of the firm regarding how the device is doing. There’s an estimated 55 million unit count, and by doing simple Mathematics, we can subtract Sony’s 35 million sales of the PlayStation 4 to get the 20 million Xbox One unit shipment.

While such data doesn’t really entail much regarding the current state of console gaming, it could mean a couple of things regarding how much work Microsoft has to do to further the Xbox One’s potential. After all, the Xbox One was described by Engadget as a “fast and powerful work in progress” during its launch, so we could still see more tweaks and adjustments to further its gaming capabilities.

However, it’s also important to note that Microsoft’s Xbox One is more than just a console. It’s also a home entertainment hub that can be the center of multimedia for some people, after all.

Microsoft also posted its financial results for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2015. Its Xbox One saw a slight decrease, but the software giant said that it was because of a higher volume of units that were sold year-on-year that is offset by a lower sale price for the Xbox One. As such, even if we’ve been seeing more units of Xbox Ones during the holidays as compared to the previous one, aggressively priced bundles are probably the ones responsible for its decrease in revenue.