Although E3 2016 is more commonly known for the game reveals and official release announcements of games, there are always consoles to be showcased. One trending feature in many new consoles is its Virtual Reality (VR) capability.

When it comes non-PC gaming, gaming industry giants Sony and Microsoft go head-to-head every year with each of their respective consoles: the PS4 and the Xbox One. Given that these consoles were already released a few years back, there is no surprise then to an update to the existing consoles or maybe even an entirely new gaming system.

What excites gamers the most for E3 2016 is the possibility of finally having a console with VR capability. It’s one thing to play a game, but it’s definitely another thing to be in the game


Pocket-lint reported that prior to the yearly E3, Microsoft is the the first of the two biggest gaming companies to have its press conference. Several games were featured including games’ gameplay, release dates, trailers, and etc. But what definitely shocked gamers was the news of not one, but two new gaming consoles: “Xbox One S”, and a tease for “Project Scorpion”.

In terms of size, Xbox One S is a smaller and leaner version of the original Xbox One. Quality-wise, the new console offers 4K HDR Video and HDR gaming. Project Scorpion on the other hand, was dubbed as the “most powerful game console ever” according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer and will be released by Christmas 2017.


Sony, as the other gaming industry giant, had their own new consoles to offer. Noted in Gizmodo, Sony closed the E3 2016 pre-show last night, June 13, with the news of the PlayStation Virtual Reality or the PS VR. Not only was it showcased but even an official release of the console was announced. The PS VR will be out by October 13 this year.

What’s playable in this new PS VR? “Batman Arkham”, “Resident Evil 7”, and around 50 more other titles will already be playable with this new console.

Which console would you choose?