The Dwyane Wade Bulls trade is done. Wade has finally gone back home to hone his talents. After staying put for 13 years in Miami Heat, Dwyane has made the decision to play for Chicago Bulls instead.

As Dwyane tries to make it back home, his ex-wife is looking to haunt him. Dwyane Wade married high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches in 2002. However, as things turned sour, Dwyane and Siohvaughn parted ways. Wade filed for a divorce in 2007 and had it finalized by the court in 2010. He also acquired full custody of their two children a year later.

Instead of taking the tedious process of court proceedings, Wade and Funches arrived at a court settlement that amounted to around $5 million. However, as Dwyane Wade’s Bulls trade means a bigger paycheck, Funches has asked a Cook County judge to junk the settlement. She also asked for an alimony proportional to Wade’s earnings.

The judge junked the lawsuit but allowed Funches to file for another lawsuit. This time, it’s her previous lawyer Brian Hurst who will bear the brunt of her anger. She has now accused Hurst of misleading her for the settlement.

According to Funches, Hurst agreed to the settlement without her consent. However, Hurst has maintained that Funches is well aware of the settlement terms. He further explained a settlement is reached between two parties to lessen the risk of losing their claim entirely, The Chicago Tribune reports.

Aside from the $5 million given to Funches, the settlement also prohibits both parties from insulting one another and Wade’s current wife, Gabrielle Union.

If anything, this might just be another one of Funches’ antics to get attention. Wade stood his ground and risked his playing career by accepting no less than what he already has. Meanwhile, his ex-wife is determined to grab a larger chunk of her ex-husband’s new paycheck.

While Dwyane Wade is not directly implicated in the new lawsuit, times ahead spell a bit of turbulence, as Siohvaughn wages another court war for a bigger stake at Wade’s salary raise.