A yoga expert has been charged with second-degree murder after she drove a car and plunged it 200 feet off a Maui Cliff, killing her twin sister. Alexandria Duval, one of the Duval twins, is now accused of killing her identical twin sister, Anastasia Duval.

Police said that the Duval twins, who were also known by their new name Allison (Alexandra) and Ann (Anastasia) Dadow, 37, were traveling in a white Ford Explorer when the car crashed into a wall on the Makai side of Hana Highway and plunged down into the rocky shoreline. Anastasia was declared dead on the spot while Alexandria was in a critical condition and was airlifted to the hospital, reported Independent.

The court documents stated that witnesses saw the driver of the car in a frenzy following which the car crashed. They also said that before the car crashed, the passenger was seen pulling at the driver’s hair. The court documents also stated that the car’s air-bag control module shows that the driver did not try to brake before accelerating and hitting the rock wall.

After she was discharged, Alexandria was reported to have tried leaving the state twice before the police arrested her.

Mail Online quoted Maui Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Emlyn Higa saying, “We had information after she was discharged from the hospital she attempted to fly out of the jurisdiction Wednesday night.  All we know is she was trying to leave the state. We were afraid she would try to leave the country as well.’

Alexandria’s attorney, Todd Eddins said that she did not attempt to harm herself or her sister. He also said she was not leaving the state but was trying to board a flight to attend her sister’s funeral in New York.

According to CBS News, the Duval twins had a wacky past and both sisters have long criminal records. The twins were charged with disorderly conduct and terrorist threatening in Maui last December. They also failed to appear in the court following which a bench warrant was issued. At one point the Duval twins owned Twin Power Yoga studio in Florida.  But, it was shut down abruptly. The twins then moved to Utah and ran another studio but were besieged with a lot of financial problems.