Christopher Nolan’s projects are always among the highly anticipated ones because he captivates audiences with his powerful storytelling. Nolan is also known to select the best actors in the industry. “Dunkirk,” his forthcoming World War II feature, is filled with powerhouse actors like Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, and Kenneth Branagh. Now, Cillian Murphy, who has appeared in Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy and “Inception,” has also joined the cast in a supporting role.

The Wrap reports that Irish actor Murphy, who played Thomas Shelby in BBC’s “Peaky Blinders,” will join the ensemble cast of “Dunkirk.” The lead roles in the film will be played by Fionn Whitehead, Jack Lowden, Aneurin Barnard, and One Direction’s Harry Styles. Nolan’s regular, actor Michael Caine, is also expected to join the film soon.

Apart from appearing in “Peaky Blinders,” Murphy has done some notable work in Danny Boyle’s science fiction thriller “Sunshine,” Andrew Niccol’s “In Time,” Ken Loach’s “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” and Ron Howard’s “In the Heart of the Sea.” Cillian Murphy will also be seen in three other projects that are slated to release later this year: “Free Fire,” “Anthropoid,” and “Hippie Hippie Shake.”

The screenplay of “Dunkirk” written by Christopher Nolan will portray the evacuation operation at Dunkirk, France by the British military between June 27 and May 4, 1940. A total of 338,226 soldiers had been rescued by the end of the eight-day operation.

It is common knowledge now that Nolan likes to shoot as much footage in-camera as possible. It was previously reported that Nolan will be using real naval destroyers in the film. One of them will be the French T-47 Class Destroyer known as Maillé-Brézé.

Like always, Nolan will shoot the feature on celluloid film. He has been a champion of the analogue film format and is one of the reasons for the resurgence of physical film. Most directors nowadays shoot digitally. Nolan mostly films his movies in a combination of 35mm anamorphic and IMAX 65mm. For this film he is reportedly shooting solely on 65mm formats – IMAX and Panavision Super 70. The image quality should be spectacular on large screens. Hoyte Van Hoytema, who shot his “Interstellar,” will be shooting this film as well. Hans Zimmer will be scoring the music once again.