It’s not every day that a royal gets star struck by a celebrity. Duchess of Cornwall Camilla was not at all coy about personally expressing her adoration for The Night Manager actor Tom Hiddleston.

The Duchess of Cornwall met Tom Hiddleston when the actor stopped by BBC Radio studios on London. According to The Daily Mail she was on her way to join DJ Chris Evans for a meeting with the judges of an inspirational children’s writing competition called 500 Words. Meanwhile, Hiddleston was on set as a guest on Evans’ breakfast show.

Evans formally introduced the two, saying, “Your royal Highness, The Night Manager.”

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Camilla greeted Hiddleston warmly and it was revealed that she is also an avid fan of the show.

“Sunday nights just aren’t the same without you,” Camilla told the actor, and Hiddleston apologized in response.

The two engaged in a chat, with Camilla asking whether Hiddleston is returning for another round of The Night Manager. Hiddleston replied that he will have to ask The Night Manager author John Le Carre about it. Camilla then commented that the show was “brilliant” and gripping. Unfortunately for Hiddleston, he wasn’t able to watch the show because he was in Vietnam at the time filming I Saw the Light.

During the encounter Tom Hiddleston breached royal protocol when he put his arm around Camilla when they took a photograph together, but the Duchess didn’t seem to mind. It can be recalled that LeBron James made the very same mistake when he placed his arm around Kate Middleton when they met after a basketball game in New York.

The Duchess of Cornwall also showed that she’s every bit a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Sophie Turner, who was also in the studio, blushed when Camilla complimented her. Camilla also met The Midwife star Helen George.

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“People are going to think I spend all my time watching the television! I don’t have time for anything else!” Camilla said about her surprising familiarity with television shows.

Meanwhile, this year’s 500 Words competition amassed 123,436 entries that were narrowed down to 50 shortlisted pieces, The Telegraph reports.