Melbourne police have charged five people on Saturday with drug importation offenses. Authorities discovered that the group tried to pass the drugs as washing powder. The Australian Federal Police, Border Force, Victoria police including the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission collectively launched an investigation that led to the discovery of the crime. The officers seized almost 300 kilograms of pure pseudoephedrine in a Melbourne factory.

The team searched eight locations across Melbourne suburbs during the operation. The areas included Sunshine, St Albans, Burnside, Tottenham and East Keilor. The five people arrested in the collective operation belonged to the age group of 27 to 48. Over the weekend, all the suspects appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates court. The court has ordered all suspects to remain in the custody and appear again in February.

Details of the Drug Import Involving Five People

According to reports, the perpetrators are importing the pseudoephedrine in a large shipping container. There were over 160 boxes of washing powder ready for transport. The containers arrived from Vietnam to Melbourne on December 9, police believed. Authorities found around 167 boxes of suspected drugs hidden amongst over 900 boxes of washing powder.

Australian Border Force Regional Commander James Watson told journalists on Monday that the shipping container with pseudoephedrine was sent to a Melbourne examination facility. There the seized cargo will go through an x-ray machine allowing investigators to clearly see the details of the cargo. “This is the largest seizure of pseudoephedrine for a number of years,” Watson said. “The harm amphetamine substances do to our community, the way they ruin lives, this operation is another great example of how our joint law enforcement partners work together.”

According to, the discovery of the drug involving the arrest of five people could be linked to the Amphetamine lab in Melbourne’s Werribee that was closed in October. This was the case where there were two Aussies and a Vietnamese arrested. In this recent case, however, all the people in custody are believed to be Australians.

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