Drake and Chance the Rapper both released brand new music earlier this year.

Spin admits that Drake’s “Views From The 6″ is among two of the biggest hip-hop albums this year. Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” is the other one. However, the music review site still thinks Chance the Rapper’s mixtape was better. “Both are bested, though, by a much smaller release, Chance the Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book,'” Spin claimed. The Chicago-born rapper “veers into sunnier pathways [with his newest release]…trading ‘suffering from’ for ‘flourishing in.'”

The problem, Spin thinks, is Drake’s newest offering is “more reductive than revolutionary.” The music review site argued that the rapper did not push boundaries enough as much as he did with his past records. “‘Views’ is an 80-minute, corporation-backed pout,” Spin said. “More so than before, the cheers are soured bits of self-aggrandizing…the self-pity is comically alienating…and the emotion gives way to junior high-level pickup lines…’Views’ is Drake doubling down on his brand — turning clandestine confessions into mantras — and it’s a slog, especially when his commercial contemporaries are out here taking risks.”

Spin, on the other hand, hailed “Coloring Book” as the rapper’s “career-making mixtape.”

“Chance’s ‘Coloring Book’ does limit itself musically by using the Gospel as a creative crutch. But it is a religiously caked project that’s ostensibly about change — where we’ve been and where we are. It’s a polychromatic look at good fortune,” Spin said. The Guardian seems to agree with Spin. They called Chance “the world’s first truly independent artist.”

But what do you think? Do you think “Coloring Book” had better songs than “Views” could offer? Or do you think Drake still had more to offer than Chance did? Drake and Chance the Rapper are both good in their own way. But who do you think really brought it with their newest record?