Adele and Drake recently released their latest albums “25” and “Views from the 6” respectively and both topped the charts afterwards. But the debate whether who has a bigger fanbase started to linger on the internet and here’s the assessment.

Before anything else, readers might want to know the history behind each artist’s album. Adele released “25” first on Nov. 20, 2015, carrying the latest single “Hello.” The material is said to be a “makeup” record that is about her nostalgic experiences and motherhood, to mention some.

Surprisingly, “25” sold a record-breaking amount of 3.38 million copies in the first week alone, reports Billboard. So far, Adele has more than 10.9 million followers on Instagram and 26.1 million fans on Twitter.

The British diva started her career in 2008. The singer already has 3 studio albums—”19,”21″ and the latest, “25.”

On the other, Drake became Adele’s contender when he released “Views from the 6” on April 29, 2016. As per PitchforkDrake’s new album was speculated on June 1, 2014, when he released the single “ 0 to 100/ The Catch-up.”

Later on, it was then revealed that the album title will be “Views From the 6,” which “The 6” is said to be the nickname for Toronto.

As for the first-week sales tally, Drake’s latest album, that has the carrier single “Too Good” that features Rihanna, has gained over 600K copies on the first day alone, believing that the sale will continue to rise. But it looks like the Canadian rapper has more social supporters than Adele because he has 22.1 M Instagram followers and 32.4 M Twitter followers.

Drake has already released 4 studio albums from 2010-present: “Thank Me Later” (2010), “Take Care” (2011), “Nothing Was The Same” (2013), “Views From The 6” (2016).

Comparing the two artists, it appears that Drake has a bigger fanbase but it is not yet confirmed if he can surpass Adele’s record. Those who would like to see the infographic version may look below.