Latest bits about Drake’s upcoming album “Views From the 6” will surely enliven the fans. The newest information suggests that the tracks will slam Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s effort. Could this be a start of another feud between the artists?

Well, not likely, but Cleveland wrote that we should expect Drake’s new material to become a commercial hit. According to their article “6 Things to Expect from Drake ‘Views From the 6,'” Drake will “likely boast about how he, a singer, bodied one of the most street-oriented rappers in the game.”

Notably, they stated that Drake “completely slayed Mill” in a feud. But the latter is gearing up on a new album as well to match Drake’s. Hence, the competition between them might still continue.

On the other hand, the site revealed that there will be no Nicki Minaj feature on the anticipated album. The fact that the “Anaconda” hitmaker is currently in a relationship with Mill makes it impossible anytime soon.

Fans can only hope that Drake could surpass the couple’s success in terms of sales when “Views from the 6” comes out. Meanwhile, artists Tinashe, Willow Smith, Beyoncé and Toronto rapper Jimmy Prime are said to be featured on the album.

Aside from that, Cleveland also stated that Drake’s surprise album launch could be one of the biggest surprise release since Beyonce’s self titled album in 2013. And some of the tracks are likely referenced from Canada.

“…but the fact that he uses the term “the 6,” a nickname the aforementioned Jimmy Prime coined for their native Toronto, suggests a Canadian-centric album,” the site wrote.

In other news, Drake has been listed as one of the artists with best-selling album on 2015. Hot New Hip Hop reports that the rapper got the No. 6 spot for “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” with 1,919,000 number of sales.

Stay tuned for more updates.